12 Times People Forgot Something And Faced Consequences

Being forgetful is nothing extraordinary for people who are aging, facing hard times, or are simply distracted. It’s not unnatural for a person to find it difficult to recall certain events or things, after all, it happens to all of us. However once in a while, someone might have an episode of poor memory that could lead to unforeseen consequences. These consequences can be comic, surprising, or even injurious and lethal.
There are quite a few examples of major blunders caused by memory fails from epic password fails resulting in financial frauds to people ending up receiving brand new cars that haven’t even been released by the companies yet. Briefly putting it, a lapse in one’s memory can set unbelievable events into motion.
Here we’ve put together a list of all the best times when people’s forgetfulness led them into situations they could not have predicted.

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