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7 Largest Living Snakes in The World


Giant snakes make be scary, but they are amazing in many ways. You may wonder how these creatures swallow animals that are bigger than themselves. Anyway, we always want to know more about the big snakes. Here are 7 Largest Living Snakes in The World .

Boa Constrictor:  Boa constrictor is a large non-venomous snake which can grow between 12-18 feet in length and up to 45 kg in weight. They live in tropical rainforests, savannas and desert lands of Central and South America.

Yellow Anaconda : The yellow anaconda is the second largest type of anacondas in the world. An adult yellow anaconda has a length between 10 and 15 feet and weighs up to 60 kg. Yellow anacondas are endemic to South America.

Amethystine Python : The amethystine python is among the world’s biggest snakes, both in terms of length and weight. These giant snakes measure up to 8.5 meters in length and up to 90 kg in weight. Amethystine python is also known as scrub python. They found in tropical rainforests and grasslands of Australia and Papua Guinea.

BLACK MAMBA : Black mamba is a highly venomous snake native to the sub-Saharan desert of Africa. They are grey or dark brown coloured. It is world’s longest venomous species whose median length is approximately 4.3 metres to 4.5 metres.

Indian Python : Indian python is a large, non-venomous, constrictor snake that found in South Asia. This big snake can reach a maximum length of 6.4 meters and weigh up to 91 kg. They inhabit in rainforests, woodlands, shrublands and marshes.

Reticulated Python : Reaching a maximum length of 10 m, the reticulated python is the longest living snake in the world. It is also the largest of all known species of pythons in the world. This giant snake gains a weight up to 135 kg. The reticulated pythons found on rainforests, woodlands or small river across Southeast Asia. It is a non-venomous snake and found predominantly on ground.

Green Anaconda : The green anaconda is the largest living snake in the world. They can grow between 6m and 9 meters in length and weigh up to 250 kg, almost twice as heavier than the reticulated python ( the longest snake in the world). Green anacondas are non-venomous and found in swamps, marshes or rivers throughout South America.

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