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7 Unbelievable People With Huge Body Parts

7 Unbelievable People With Huge Body Parts

Number 7: Widest Mouth

Do you know Francisco Domingo Joaquim?   His mouth measures in at 17 centimeters or 6.7 inches, which officially makes it the world’s largest mouth. He is currently 25 years old and it took Gunnies world record 2 years to actually find this person after they see him on a YouTube video with a really wide mouth.

The 20-year-old put his elastic kisser to the test at the the ‘Big Mouth’ competition in Rome. Contestants crammed their cake holes with a whole host of items including saucers, coffee cups and beer bottles but nobody’s mouth could beat Francisco and his can of coke.

He even performed on an Italian TV show, popping a can in and out of his mouth 14 times in one minute.

I bet his dentist loves working on him because he can probably put like all their tools inside of this guy’s mouth and have no problems at all.


Number 6.Longest Legs

Having long legs means an easy entry into the modeling world, right? Probably that’s what happened with Ekaterina Lisina. Standing at 6ft 9in, Ekaterina is the tallest professional model and has also been officially recognized as having the biggest feet of any woman in Russia! But more than that , you need to know that she holds the Guinness World Record of the woman with the longest legs. Her legs are about 52 inches when measured from the heel to the top of the hip. To be precise, her left leg measures 52.5 inches while the right one is 52.2 inches in length. Those are some long legs now! Unsurprisingly, Ekaterina is a Russian basketball player who competed for the Russian National Team at the 2008 Summer Olympics, winning the bronze medal. We bet she pays more for extra leg room during flights!


Number 5: Biggest Breasts

Andy Hawking’s also known as an “enormous tits “ which is actually her online name has the world’s largest natural breasts. She was awarded the Guinness world record title 2000. She currently wears US size 52 size Bra, which is the largest bra ever made in the world. She claims that her record-breaking breast began developing at the age of 9 years old, from there it just kept growing and growing. Her chest now weighs a whopping 112 pounds and she said she’s never gonna undergo a breast reduction. She actually suffers from gigantomastia, that involves a slow progressive growth of breast tissue and because of all of this, her breasts cause everyday problems for her and let alone all the back pain she gets.

Number 4. Longest feet

In 2015 Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez of Venezuela has claimed the title of “Largest feet on a living person – male”. The 7ft 3in man’s left foot measures 1ft 3.6 inches while the right one is 1ft 3.8 inch. What do you think his shoe size is? Well, it equates to US size 26! Jason was 9 years old when he figured that he had larger feet than his peers because they would often compare sizes, with Jeison coming out on top each time. The most interesting thing is that his feet are longer than even Sultan Kosen, the worlds’ tallest living man! That surely is hard to believe, but it is made possible by acromegaly, a disorder that results in an excess growth hormone due to a benign tumor. Jeison’s feet are so long that he cannot get a pair of shoes from the local shop like the rest of us. He had to manage with self-made shoes using trouser material but that wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. Then finally he came in contact with a specialist German shoemaker who after 6 years has made a pair that suits Jeison! It was the first time that he had left his homeland for the first time ever to travel to Germany to make sure his new shoes fit. But the effort paid off and he is happy with his gift!

Number 3. Largest Hips

Not every woman wants to be size zero or sees Victoria’s secret angels as role models, some look at Ashley Graham’s body in awe! We aren’t promoting any one type of body, all are beautiful in their own right but what happens when someone is too addicted to get the hourglass body? 46year old Mikel Ruffinelli is an American woman who has hips measuring an unusual 8 feet in circumference! Woah, that is double than what most curvy women flaunt! Now you won’t be surprised if we tell you that she currently holds the record of the widest hips in the world. Mikel, who stands 5’4” weighs more than 420 pounds but would you believe us if we told you that she was a normal-sized young woman and in her early 20s weighed just about 180 pounds? It was only after she had her first child that she put of weight and after having 3 daughters, her hips ballooned further! Possibly this extraordinary fat tissue accumulation turns out to be an advanced stage of a medical condition called lipedema. And she eats about 5,000 calories a day! But what boggles us is the fact that even though her hips are 8 feet wide, her waist is just 3 feet 4 inches. That are some serious curves!


Number 2. Largest upper arms

In 2012, Egyptian bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail created the Guinness World Record for the largest upper arm circumference in the world. All seemed well but after the publication of the record in September of the same year, there were a lot of queries whether it was possible to achieve Mr. Ismail’s result without the use of body-enhancing substances, in particular, Synthol. Ismail has constantly denied these accusations because he worked at a gas station and as per him, he had no money to spare on such things. He had been lifting weights since he was 14 and done arm exercises to get such big arms, all natural! But not many people were convinced of his innocence and kept bashing him. Then finally, it was made clear that the Guinness World Records had seen no medical evidence to prove that Ismail’s arms were puffed up with Synthol. Nevertheless, they have taken the decision to no longer accept claims for largest upper arm circumference on the grounds that there are too many evidentiary variables to ensure a declarative benchmark that is firmly beyond dispute. That’s too much controversy but the bottom line is that at 31inch, Ismail has the biggest upper arms!


Number 1. Biggest hands

How would it be to have the largest hands in the world? We don’t know about the many benefits of it but people surely would fear our anger because one slap could disfigure their face! That was supposed to be a joke but never mind! Sultan Kösen, born on 10 December 1982 is a Kurdish Turk farmer holds the current Guinness record for the largest hands at 27.5 cm. But that was in 2009 and strangely when in 2011 he was measured by Guinness World Records his hands came out to be at 28 cm which broke his previous record! Not surprisingly, Kösen also holds the Guinness record for the tallest living male at 8 ft 2.82 in. Woah, that is huge! But it isn’t all roses for him because his growth resulted from the condition acromegaly, caused by a tumor affecting his pituitary gland. In fact, he needs crutches to walk, you wouldn’t call that a candy lane, would you? Though there are benefits of being so tall, Kösen finds it difficult to fit into a normal sized car or get clothes and shoes that fit him! Life is not easy for the tallest man with the largest hands, who would have thought of that?


Do you know of any more people with huge body features that should be on this list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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