A Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37 Years

A Missing Plane From 1955 Landed After 37 Years


In July, 1955 Pan-Am flight 914 left New York city airport on route to Miami. However, the flight never made it to sunny Florida without sending out a distress signal or leaving behind even the smallest piece of wreckage, the plane and its 57 passengers seemingly vanished into thin air. As the years passed without any sign of a missing plane, most people assumed the mystery would never be solved, but then 37 years later, the impossible happened. Grab your popcorn and stay tuned to find out exactly what that impossible occurrence was alongside a whole host of other eerie, mysterious voyages.

One morning in 1992 at an airport in Caracas, Venezuela air traffic controllers were going about their business when they noticed something very strange, even though their radars showed an empty sky, they could clearly see a plane hurdling in the direction of the runway. As it got nearer, they noticed that this plane was old fashioned and propeller driven, a model that hadn’t been used in years. Air traffic controller, Wanda LaCorte immediately made radio contact with the pilot and asked him to identify the mystery plane. The pilot replied that this was flight 9 1 4, ready to touch down in Miami. When Juan informed him, this was an airport in Venezuela, the pilot was horrified. He’d somehow traveled 1200 miles away from his destination and things were about to get even weirder. When the plane landed witnesses could see passengers pressed up against the windows wearing strangely old-fashioned clothing and staring in confusion at the modern aircraft on the tarmac.

After a long silence Juan’s radio crackled in a hoarse voice, the pilot of the mystery plane asked him to confirm the date. Juan told him it was May 21st, 1992. As he spoke, he could hear the pilot breathing fast, clearly distressed moments later the pilot flung open the cockpit window and began frantically waving away. The ground grew screaming that he needed to leave. As he waved his arms, something fluttered down from the clipboard. He clutched in one hand, but before anyone could react, the plane was in motion. The aircraft crew watched in shock as mere minutes after it had happened. The mystery aircraft sped off down the runway before climbing away into the clouds. One ran down to the tarmac and picked up the document that had fallen from the pilots clipboard to his shock. He saw that it was a calendar dating from 1955 in the aftermath aviation officers were able to surmise that this unexpected runway visitor was indeed the mysterious flight nine, 14 that had disappeared back in the fifties.

But even after a thorough investigation, they couldn’t make any sense of the Plains sudden reappearance. And as for the plane itself, it was never seen again. So how can we explain the time traveling plane, the most popular theory among fans of this tantalizing tale is that the plane accidentally entered a wormhole through time and space transporting it somewhere else, 37 years into the future. If you think that sounds crazy, it’s worth noting that the scientific theories of scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, mathematically support the idea that wormholes could potentially exist, but how will imagine space and time as a sheet of paper with a point marked at either end. Usually you’d only be able to travel through those points by moving along the paper. But if you fold the paper in half bringing the points together, that’s a much quicker way to travel between them.

This is how a wormhole theoretically works. A space-time bending shortcut through the cosmos that connects to distant points of space and or time together. Well, no, one’s really sure how a wormhole could come into existence nor has anyone ever actually observed one. Could this theory explain the mystery of the time traveling plane before I revealed the truth. If new think wormholes were behind this mystery click that like button.

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